p.s. i love you

Dearest ______,

Of the many reviews I’ve read about P.S. Cafe in the past, it always seemed like a “love it or hate it” kind of place. With at least four branches dotting the island of Singapore, it probably isn’t the worst thing to elicit such strong emotions as love or hate. It only implies that people are actually, and quite strongly, talking about it.

For lovers, P.S. Cafe could be one of the best cafes in Singapore. I haven’t explored a lot of variety yet, so I wouldn’t be able to attest to this. What they do say about the ambiance… I totally agree with. We went to the Dempsey Hill branch, post- lunch and pre- high tea, just to hang out. And we could not stop saying how surreal it felt being there- the place made us forget that we were actually in Singapore. With glasses of Chardonnay, a generous cheese platter, and the place its self, we could very well have been overseas.

We had just come from lunch before heading there, so I have not much to say about their food from that particular visit. I hear they serve really good Truffle Fries, Salads, and Breakfasts though, so I might just make those the most exquisite excuses for going back there next time.

Seeing textures and shapes.

For haters, P.S. Cafe is overrated and a tad overpriced. Noisy too.

And what do I say to that? What? What’d you say? I can’t hear you!

But really, the place can get a little too busy. We went there at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon (which should be past the lunch rush hour). Imagine if you will: waiting time for a table is at least 20 to 30 minutes. Still. Bigger crowd = more noise.

Shouldn’t this be a good indication of customers’ satisfaction though? That people wait at P.S. Cafe? And wait we did.

Cheese Platter: smoked oak cheddar, raspberry cheese, and Stilton (English blue cheese). Dried prunes, apricots, jellied fig, a variety of nuts, and a bunch of grapes. Crackers and bread. Seriously, we couldn’t finish it. It’s more than it looks.
Mies van der Rohe would like it, I think.

I know, I know… with all this talk and all these photos, I haven’t even said whether I loved P.S. Cafe or hated it…

But I thought I’d already made it as clear as day?

… I absolutely hated it!

Join me for brunch next time?



P.S. Of course I love you.

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