black thumb turned black thoughts

Dearest ______,

Remember that minor meltdown involving newly acquired orchids and my apparent case of black thumbism (inborn, nothing new)?

Well the other day, someone else who got the same pots of orchids, from the same batch, from the same garden, from the same day, etc etc sent me a picture of his very own progress:

If you remember correctly, mine as of last week had shed 80% of its glory unto a heap of biodegradables: all yellow and rot- infested.

I then proceeded to do some research and realized that I had probably over- watered my plants…  So I stopped, put crushed egg shells all around the pots, aired them to dry, etc etc.

When we asked above picture’s owner, what in Fern Gully’s name he ever did to get his orchids to bloom this way (and give birth to a brand new stalk at that!)… he said,

“Oh, I don’t know…  I guess I just put it on the floor and watered it twice a day.”

Black thumb turned black thoughts.

Hope you’re having less of a Rage Comic- day yourself!



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