Dearest ______,

When I said we have dolls at work, you didn’t really think I was kidding, did you?

Vintage porcelain toys from the Victorian era (1800's), spotted at a museum.
This doll from work, E, is hopefully not as old as the dolls above, but with skin as luminous as this, she might as well be made of porcelain!

These antique dolls had their very own couturiers, mind you. Back in the day, children from good families used to have these custom- made, probably fashioned after their mothers and other such genteel, fashionable folk. Can you imagine how exquisite these things are, how detailed, and very personal? Sometimes that’s what’s haunting about these dolls… their eyes, especially. You always have this strange feeling that they’re somehow alive…

Okay, enough hibijibis around here! Ultimately,dolls are dolls:

Def. Slang

a. An attractive person.
b. A woman.
c. A sweetheart or darling.
d. A helpful or obliging person.
This is Nini. See, even her name sounds like a doll's name!

It’s Friday the 13th today… But take none of its proverbial creepiness!

…and let’s just look for enough good time and beauty all around us today!




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4 thoughts on “dolls”

  1. and still on dolls – remember how you gave your barbie rapunzel a bob cut?! and kahlil’s he-man a nail clip that the poor guy could no longer hold his sword!!

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