walking voyeurism

      Dearest ______,

You’re walking alone down the street and you come across people animatedly engaged in their own private bubbles.

In your mind, you say:

“Forgive me, but may I momentarily join your happy, little affairs?”


You forget that:-

1) That’s a preposterous thing to say to complete strangers

2) In many ways, you have not really outgrown the extreme shyness of your childhood days

3) That is just- you are just- beyond weird

So what do you end up doing?

Oh, that’s right, you capture snippets of their happy private-cum-public lives with your obliging ally, the camera… For shame!

In (some of) the words of Billy Joe Armstrong’s 90’s hit:

I have no belief
But I believe
(I’ve got)  walking (voyeurism)
And I ain’t got no right



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