curiosity killed…

Dearest ______,

The older I get, the more I am convinced that women are more curious than the opposite sex.  Not curious as in interesting (highly subjective and debatable- I know), but curious as in “very inquisitive”. 

Take one simple visit to this charming new shop around the corner called Manicurious, for example:

Curiosity: What other colour- combinations do you have for the PANDORA Lego Bag + Petals?

MRKT was created in 2007 by two Harvard- trained architects who aspired to bring sustainable innovation into different lifestyle products (most famously bags such as the PANDORA totes above) by using renewable, natural materials such as the industrial- grade wool felt on these bags.

Curiosity: Is W/Sun a Korean sunglasses brand?

W/Sun (a.k.a. Waiting for the Sun), while Korean- sounding, is a French graphic + product design label that specializes in really, really, really cool sunglasses.  They’ve also come up with a skateboard, apparently.  This information just makes us even more curious, if you can imagine.  The sunnies D has donned above is made of the lightest natural wood… bamboo- like, just like my very own skate / long board at home!  Coincidence?    

Curiosity:  Gosh, how many designs can Nooka keep  coming up with?

There was a whole stretch of wall dedicated to these Nooka products, watches especially- ranging from its collaborations with designer Karim Rasheed or Hello Kitty, to its more popular Zub Zots line.

Curiosity: Is shopping really cheaper than therapy?

Some questions just need to be left unanswered.  Either way, nobody wants to be left broke or psycho- analysed as broken just to prove a point!  Manicurious has all these pretty things lying around- stationary, baubles, etc.

Help!  I’m an 8- year old girl again, and these little things are driving me crazy!  

Curiosity: Holy mother of watches, are you getting one?  Should I get one?  Should we both get one?

Fullspot watches are made in Italy.  Designed there as well.  Isn’t it a wonder how effortlessly chic they are?  It’s cheaper than a Swatch, mind you.  Should you get one?  Why, yes, you should.

Curiosity: Why Manicurious?

Oh look, there’s a nail salon!  And a cafe!  On top of all the nice things they sell up front?  Are you serious?

If you stay here any longer, asking all these questions… you know what they say about curiosity…

“Curiosity killed the Cat Cash!”




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2 thoughts on “curiosity killed…”

  1. just chanced upon this, thank you for this lovely write-up 🙂 i’m glad you had as much fun browsing as we did curating the place.

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