lessons from maadness

Dearest ______,

If you thought it virtually impossible to take lessons from what is deemed mad or off- kilter, think again.  I reckon I’ve gotten a little bit more education than expected at the last MAAD Pyjamas party:

1) You are never too young to discover music. You are never too old to discover music. While music is known to mark eras, good music is ultimately ageless. Incidentally, we "discovered" the Cashew Chemists that night. Mod (?)- sounding, indie- pop, happy, road- trip music (sorry, I wish my descriptions were a little better). Discover them around Singapore one of these days too! "Good music."
2) Draw. Draw to your heart's content. Color. Color like there's no tomorrow. Draw and color on papers and cardboards and walls and -
3) See art in everything... people's faces, Tupperware, and some random guy's tattoos!
4) Sometimes, all you really need is a good dance. Dance like crazy! ...That might just keep your wits about you at your saddest hour. Dance, dance, dance (Lykke Li reference, tsk)!
5) Find joy and amazement in the little things. A stranger's piece of art... A light installation... Nice millinery work...

This Firday (4th of May) will probably find us at yet another installation of MAAD Pyjamas. 

There’s much to learn from maadness, so I’ve realized.  Be there and learn a thing, or two, yourself!  Entrance is FREE!


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