twelfth night

Dearest ______,

As I’ve excitedly told you some weeks ago, we were set to watch another installation of Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park, Twelfth Night this year. And that we did, just last Sunday. Scenes from this year’s performance:

Admittedly, one of my favourite parts of the experience is trying to outrun other people with picnic stuff in tow for “good spots” all over the park! Even this early (they admit people about 30-45 minutes before the start of the show itself), you can already feel the energy and the excitement of the whole event- a happy buzz in the air telling you “this is going to be something else!”.
Fellow Shakespeare groupies and/or picnic enthusiasts.

Reasons you must go:

– the experience is one of a kind (once a year too)
– it’s a picnic!!!
– this is one of Shakespeare’s most hilarious works
– if you have never been interested in theatre, this is the perfect way to start. It’s so casual, you forget the play was written more than a century ago!
– this is Singapore Reportory Theatre at its best. Admittedly, there were a couple of annoying miscasts, but generally, the cast was superb!
– ADRIAN PANG is a genius. Let this play show you why, and how! He plays Feste, the court jester. And he single- handedly steals the show.
– my super crush Shane Mardjuki’s abs… I first saw him (albeit fully clothed back then) five years ago in SRT’s The Pillowman with Adrian and Daniel Jenkins (both actors also on Twelfth Night)

This year’s provisions consisted of basically the same stuff as last year… home- made sandwiches, chips, cold beverages. With the addition of some cool, sweet dessert wine.
The stage was ginormous compared to last year’s. The whole play was a modern adaptation of Twelfth Night. I think it was set within the Great Gatsby era… the 20’s Swingin’ Jazz Age, and all that… er, jazz. Because I’m quite sure there was lack of luxury yachts and Art Deco architecture during Shakespeare’s time…
To see the exact scale of the set, please refer to actors and the host on stage in this photo. It’s a sail boat!
This was not a Justin Bieber concert, mind you. But just look at the crowd in this picture. And that’s even after 1/4 of the audience had gone out of the park already. Crazy on culture! This thought genuinely makes me happy, because it proves that despite much of the world being hooked on those reality TV shows these days, people still DO appreciate the classics!

The Old English might take some getting used to, if you are not that fond of classic literature. The cast did such an AMAZING job, though, that you are bound to understand the flow of the play as it goes along. I suggest, if you are not one for reading Shakespeare’s original text, to search Twelfth Night’s synopsis on Google first. In a nutshell- it’s a hilarious Rom-Com (Yes! Shakespeare has done Romantic Comedies!) revolving around mistaken identities and such.

Riotous, wicked fun that will leave you in laughs… and in love!

I pray thee to watch this masterpiece… It runs until the 20th of May 2012! Tickets sold hither!


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