doll of the day: Super E

Dearest ______,

When we all have had our share of  life’s disappointments, it is only too easy to become cynical and negative with the universe.  Letting go is relatively easier than holding on, after all- more so when things get shaky.  Given the many failures all over the world today, it is then the greatest super power to have a disposition as happy as our Doll of the Day E’s.  She’s Super E, I should say, because her powers of infectious positivity and crazy cheerfulness are sometimes the only things you need during a bad day.  If you’re  a little stressed today, let Super E save the day!

With her super kawaii sense of style too.

Karlita:  If  it could really happen, who among these lovely men would you date and why:

Bruce Wayne (mysterious, elite, Batman)? Peter Parker (nerdy, shy, Spider Man)? or Clarke  Kent (a gentleman, the boy- next- door type, Superman)?

Super E:  Are  there any other choices?  Hahaha!  … Because I wouldn’t mind dating Thor or Iron Man!  Haha!

Of the three choices though, Peter Parker isn’t really my kind of guy…  So I think I would date Bruce Wayne AND Clarke Kent.  Hahaha!  Maybe a mix of both?

Bruce, probably just because he’s mysterious…  I don’t actually like the Batman part of him though, except for his cool devices.
Superman, because he’s a gentleman!  BONUS POINTS!  Hahaha!  But again, I’m not really into the fact that he wears his underwear on the outside!  Haha!

E:  If one ever does date super heroes, life would be uber dramatic though, right?  (“Me or the World?” … or something like that.  Haha!)  Life would  probably be  filled with days where you dangle off sky scrapers, get tied to train tracks, get kidnapped by some crazy villain…
Then at the end of the day, you either die, or stop seeing him because of all these crappy complications.   SIGH.   Fantasies!  Hahaha!

K:  If you could have your own super hero costume, what would it look like?

E: Definitely nothing too skimpy!  Haha!  Something black and gold?  Or just anything that had colours- colours are a must!  Design- wise, I wouldn’t mind something from one of those RPGs (role-playing games).  Like the kinds that elves or dark elves wear (really cool stuff with loads of detailing).  Or maybe anything that the late Alexander Mcqueen designed.  The most important element would be the shoes!  I am totally a shoe person.  I would love those knee or thigh high boots with cut- outs…
Then again, if I really were to wear something that I’ve describe above, I might as well be going straight to a fashion show rather than saving the day!  Hahaha!

K:  Among the Powerpuff Girls are you a Blossom (the leader type), a Buttercup (the tough cookie), or a Bubbles (the baby of the group)?

E:  Definitely BUBBLES! Haha!  Probably because she’s the child of the group with her stuffed toys and her personality…

I’m the youngest in my family, with two older brothers, so naturally my parents (more of my dad ) would pamper me more.  He used to bring me out when I was tiny on his days off, and I would always come home with something!  Haha!  I’m sure most people who know me personally (or have been into my room) would know that I am a sucker for stuffed toys… half of my  bed is literally COVERED with stuff toys… not to mention those that are on the shelves or in the cupboard…  Hahaha!

K:  Haha!  This just reminds me of our Korea trip… when just into our second day there, you were already complaining of your tight luggage.  And when we opened your bag… you bought like every single stuffed toy in Seoul… Bubblesanity!!! Haha!

E:  Yup!  I’m pretty sure I’m a Bubbles!  When I was younger, I even thought her skill of talking to animals was really cool too!  Haha!

K:  Would you say you are more of the damsel- in- distress type or the super heroine who can save the day?

E:  I am, without a doubt, the damsel- in- distress type.  Haha!  I’m the kind of girl who would love to be saved by a handsome prince in a shiny armour- but obviously that doesn’t happen in real life!  Hahaha!
However, I would love to become a super heroine one day…  Probably in the future when I have kids or something, then I’ll be SUPER MOM/GRANNY!  Haha!

K:  …And I think you are stronger than you think!  Just because you genuinely help people out and care about them.  For that, we all thank you Super E!  Now up, up, and away!  Hahaha!


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