versus zombies

Dearest ______,

Despite the utter lack of greenness in my thumb, I always imagine having a small patch of green- anywhere, any way- around me when I finally get my own place in the future. I always sense an advancing herd of zombies on their way to attack, thus this fixation with plants. Taking a cue from that annoyingly addictive game from last year, I need plants to defend myself from impending, full- on zombie attacks every now and then.  

Surely this isn’t some preposterous need for:-
a. (literally) a breath of fresh air
b. a natural piece of beauty nearby
c. both

My best friend in LA sent me The Selby’s book for my birthday last year.  The most inspiring spaces always seemed to have pockets- if not pots- of plants and vegetables, or some very cool backyards.  I wish I had any one of those.

And probably one excellent gardener on speed dial.


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