Dearest ______,

With all this talk of longboarding, you might want to ask me how well I actually am at it. Or maybe not. I’ll tell you anyway: if I were to gauge myself by James Kelly’s standards and such, my skills are as worthless as the smallest pebble of the smallest hill he has ever ridden off of. Although you might say that it doesn’t even cut close to that.

Last weekend found us at the nearby park with some, I don’t know, 30 other longboarders?
Now that does not cut close to the actual number of riders who’ve joined the Gout Skate Crew. Explained by one of its founding members, Gout came from the hilarious idea of a group of working guys men who’ve found themselves inexplicably hooked (stoked, really) to longboarding… all of them well beyond the usual age of extreme sports fixation. Old folks get gout. Apparently some of them just want to get it on a board!

It was a whole lot of fun. Really. So much so, you’d think that most of them would get minor bodily repurcussions days after the barbecue. But, no. Most with but a few hours of sleep in them, they all went to another skate session the very next day.

If you are around these parts of the world, why not find them and ride some asphalt waves with the rowdiest crew in town?



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