alone again, naturally

Dearest ______,

The last time I travelled all by myself was way back in college. I went to Thailand for five days. In hindsight, this was not the best decision for someone who had an uncanny likeness to a lady- boy and/or a starving prostitute. As soon as I showed my skinny self to immigration, they quickly questioned all of my “motives”. Had I not presented myself to be indeed of female stock and not in the line of whoring, they would’ve detained me then and there. But we did manage. When I got to my hotel though, the same assumptions were to be made, this time by two overtly friendly grown men from America. I politely weasled myself out of that awkward situation and since then resolved on eating dinners by myself inside my hotel room for all the nights that followed.

Fun times, to be sure.




If there is one thing that trip- around 10 years ago- had taught me, it’s that I can manage. With the slight inconvenience of having to take stupid shots of myself (alone jump shots are the most pathetic, by the way), it’s totally cool. So here I am up in Borobudur surrounded by semi- darkness and sounds of Javanese mother nature. Alone again, naturally.

I’ll tell you all about it when I’m already back home.



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