swimming in thoughts

Dearest ______,

There was a private infinity pool attached to my rented villa.  It was facing what can only be described as a jungle, below.  At the horizon was the Borobudur Temple itself, majestically greeting me like a huge cruise ship.

One afternoon, I swam lingered in that swimming pool until my fingers turned into prunes and my teeth were chattering with the late afternoon breeze.  Just for kicks.  And a certain sense of coolness.

While I’d like to believe that it was such an effortlessly cool moment… “Pixie Dream Girl” music on the mini- speaker, beers on the deck, the scenery and all… I am just  such a hopeless neurotic that I was uneasy the entire time.  I kept imagining things hiding behind the bushes that surrounded me, things on the pool’s tiles (they were just leaves), suspicious noises from the jungle below.

Why can’t I just let go for longer than a minute and not worry about anything?

At the end of the day, I packed my stuff up and had a long soak in the bathtub instead.

…where, again, a number of scary bathtub movie scenes flooded my mind.

Really.  Why?

Everything was amazing… perfect, really… but my neurosis was just a pain in the ass!



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8 thoughts on “swimming in thoughts”

    1. Hi Tita Ads! Will be starting with my new job very soon, hence the vacation I had by myself. Para refreshed ang feeling. Hehe. Okay naman tita. Aside from the new job, still the same plans here and there. Hope the Ilanos are doing fine also. TC and GB!

  1. yoga helps, karla, and mindful meditation. try to do them regularly and you’ll see the difference. :>

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