little joys, little india

Dearest ______,

Earlier today, we walked around one of the Conservation sites within the city for research and some inspiration.

I am the last person to admit this, holymotherofgod, but I think I’m starting to actually love like my new job. Erasing one word will diminish the chances of jinxing the whole sentence, I hope. Because I really need to start finding joy in what I do for a living again.

My definition of little joys while doing my job:




What are the little joys of yours?



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7 thoughts on “little joys, little india”

    1. Hi, I’m still in architecture, but in a new place. It’s refreshing so far as i’ve been doing things I’d never done at the previous job i.e. Conservation/ Restoration- which is real cool 🙂 what’ve you been up to yourself?

    1. Sure! But passion= more actual WORK. I wish i didnt care so much about my work. But i do. Haha. It’s a real job, but it does have its moments 🙂

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