a CMYK wedding (part 1)

Dearest ______,

To say that I’ve been busy at the new job is a staggering understatement.  I could barely find enough time to do what little damage I can with Jawo’s Diablo 3 account my Level 16 Demon Hunter. Har.  To prove how much I still want to make letters as relevant as possible though, I’m just going to tell you about this morning’s colourful affair:

Two of our favourite people in the world asked us to help out with their Pre- Nuptial photoshoot.  The wedding’s motif (printing colour model Cyan- Magenta- Yellow- blacK) couldn’t be more apt for two, literally, colourful individuals such as themselves…  one, an Art Director/ Graphic Designer and the other, a Pre- School teacher!

Ray’s work in progress which he has (on- again- off- again) documented in his blog: his Photobooth proposal, the preliminary invite layouts, etc. See how a pro does it?  Brilliant concept and execution!

I wish I were joking, but we’ve been up since 6 in the morning today.  The future Mr. and Mrs. asked for an early attendance, and that we just did.  Make- up and styling by Philippine celebrity- stylist Jasmine Mendiola and hair by Marie (friends of the couple who flew all the way from home), photographry by Wei Liang Wong (also a good friend) from Singapore Press Holdings’ numerous glossies, and art direction by the Groom- to- be himself… this was definitely a formidable team to begin with.

The perks of being in the business of making beautiful things?  Knowing other people who can!

I’m not much for dressing in colour myself, but when they told me that I had to wear Magenta as a bride’s maid, how could I say no?  They’re practically “family” away from home.  That, plus the excitement of seeing all the other lovely + creative details they come up with on the big day its self.  Part 2 of this love story is going to be epic!  I’ll tell you about it then!



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