today in happiness: ladies who lunch

Dearest ______,

I didn’t realize just how much I missed the Dolls from the previous job until I met up with them for brunch lunch earlier today at Gen’s fabulous flat (think Charlotte York’s Victorian chintz meeting Blair Waldorf’s Uptown closet… pretty much any fashionable girl’s few square feet of heaven).

While I can rough and tough it up like the rest of the boys, I do enjoy down time with the ladies.  It’s true what they say about women’s company- it’s something else.  More so, I guess, when you get a lively and witty bunch to sit down with.   We can go on talking about boys- yes, I ‘ll give you that.  But with the same breath and alacrity, we can also talk about the merits of  urbanism in Rem Koolhaas’ architectural forms.  Today though, we just chose to be silly and fun.

Today in happiness was Sunday lunch spent inside a charming little flat with a mint green wall and a huge white bird cage.

You know it’s a girl’s place when:-

a) it smells nice;  clean and fresh, at least

b) you’ll find clothing, bags, and shoes everywhere

c)  it has at least one stuffed toy somewhere (usually within the proximity of a bed)

Gen’s walk- in wardrobe is as big as my whole bedroom. Like my room, it’s also air- conditioned. I’m not even kidding, hahaha.

You know it’s a girl’s party when:-

a) the table is chock full of gorgeous- looking food

b) there’s vegetable on the menu (today was my rocket lettuce, feta cheese, and olives salad)

c) champagne (mixed or pure)  is generally preferred over beer

d) there’s eventually some form of wardrobe alteration

Count on the hostess to whip out caviar and a copious cheese platter.
And just like that, Nini was trying on one of Gen’s gazillion dresses and Amanda was fixing her hair.

Audrey Hepburn once said that “The happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”  

Here are some of the prettiest I’ve met in my life.  Girls who, more or less,  know what they still want in life.  And girls who are happy with what they already have.

That’s Meagan (in a white tank top), rightmost of the group. She left her desk job a couple of years ago, moved to Australia and worked in a cherry- picking farm for one whole year. Now that’s just an amazing thing to do: needing a breather from the concrete jungle, she just packed up and went on a year- long hiatus visiting orchards and vineyards Downunder.   These days, she’s back in the game.
Of course you know D. My (previously) constant lunch buddy and all- around good friend. She’s finishing up her Degree on Construction and Contracts Management this December, all the while juggling a full- time job and keeping her Diploma in Interior Design handy for doing her future home.  As always, she puts the love in lovely.

That’s Nini on the left. She’s probably one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. She volunteers for old folks and young kids alike, she was one of the most helpful people back in the old place, and all she wants to have one day, is a beautiful family she can take care of. And if those weren’t enough, in the words of John Mayer, her body is a wonderland. Seriously, my boy- like features FAIL in comparison!
Gen. Queen Bee. Our very own little brat, haha!  Don’t let her habit of putting Pradas and Chanels on the floor fool you- this little lady is nothing but depth. As I’ve told you before, her insights are as bold as her fashion choices. In a few months, she’ll be flying off to New York, living there for a couple of months… just… “to live”.  If anyone can take New York by spring or storm, this girl can.
This is Amanda, the most fascinating paradox of a lady. She’s a 21- year old 40- year old, if you get what I mean.  One moment she’s talking to you in a sing- song voice.  The next, she’s nagging you on keeping your life in order.  Hahaha!  Currently, she’s enjoying her la vie boheme discovering cafes, having high- teas, baking her charming cupcakes, and then blogging all about them here!

A few hours after our lovely lunch… I had to go to work… but that’s another story not quite fit for telling.

Amazing plant outside Gen’s door.

All I remember about today, was that small snippets of fun times were made.

People should do these brunches more often, I think.  The perfect way to start a week, I say!


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