of mad men and mad women

Dearest ______,

It’s been a while.  Or as my Mandarin teacher would say in Hanyu Pinyin, “Hao Jiu Bu Jian!” 

95% of my time and resources has been consumed by work and all things related thereof.  Few people are genuinely interested in what goes on in other people’s jobs, so I might just skip to what else I’ve been up to with the remaining 5% of my capacity.  Obviously my girlfriends and I have been going to these Mandarin classes on Saturdays and the random hang- outs after those.  Otherwise, I’ve been into Mad Men, the TV show everybody either loves or abhors.  I’ve grown to love it myself, obviously because of the almost- accurate depiction of all things in the 1960’s and the singular mood of that era.

With my slightly more modern sentiments and disposition, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my self hitched if I were born in that generation.  I’m obviously opposed to the racial and sexual prejudices of those times, but somehow, I love watching just how much things have changed since then.  I enjoy seeing little seepages of the modern woman in Peggy Olsen and the quiet strengths of even the meekest women of that show.  Everybody had issues as we all do today.  But back then, they literally all grinned and bore it.  No annoying rants on the internet.  No cracks in deceivingly chipper voices.

A mad but fascinating time that must have been, when people easily believed in things, but trusted in so little.

In this absorbed frame of mind, I started re- hashing old photos of my relatives back in the day.  Looking at them, I try to imagine how much time my beautiful grand mother had to put into all her party frocks.  How every other woman thought that they had to wear hosiery and heels everywhere.  How grown men wore suits in the Tropics.  How children were real children.  How people believed in propriety.

My father’s younger siblings, Sonny Boy and Min.
My father (standing in front of my grandparents) was a Boy Scout.
My mother in her teens, wearing those itty- bitty 60’s dresses.
My grandmother (fourth from right) wore a long white beaded gown during an “Athletic Meet.”

If there’s one thing I could bring forth from that time, it’s how everything was done with such style.


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5 thoughts on “of mad men and mad women”

  1. “If there’s one thing I could bring forth from that time, it’s how everything was done with such style.” Hahaha LOL

  2. omg bwahaha! ang pagkaganda-ganda kong piktyor with my younger bro! ang tanong, can i share this on my wall? well, no harm in trying, limme check if i can……

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