like frasier crane on a saturday evening

Dearest ______,

These past few days, I leave work past most people’s bedtime.  Oddly enough, I’ve found the best form of relaxation in the combined neuroses of the entire Crane family from  Frasier re-runs I watch online.   That show is still one of the best, really, even years after its finale.

Gen’s stripes and a stretch of wall I could stare at all day.

Two favourites in one: olives and pizza.

An archway Mark chose to keep from the original flat’s design. A touch of old- school romanticism within an otherwise spartan space. Lovely.

And as coincidence would have it, I spent last Saturday evening in a somewhat Frasier Crane- esque circumstance.  My friend Mark invited a few of us from the old office to his dapper- looking flat in the East, for dinner and drinks.   I was supposed to leave after a short while but ended up at his place until 2:00AM, immersed in a seemingly endless conversation with Gen and the host.  It was as if sentences were never- ending, only constantly evolving… as any single thought is inclined to.

Just a pop of colour, where everything else was timber, black, and mustard. Very 60’s.
An old door Mark also chose to keep, louvres and all.

You can’t tell, but this counter’s wall is actually a long solid piece of “discarded” Volakas marble.  The veins and streaking (deemed unsightly by those in the trade) look like a water color painting of mountains and the sea. It’s quite breath- taking actually. More so, when you find out it was pegged as mere scrap, when Mark found it at the marble factory.

We talked about much, mostly hinging on the  profundity that Architecture can sometimes be.  We people do it.  Why we do it.  And many other so forths.  Pseudo intellectual talk, if you will.  I haven’t had to hash out this much ideas- literally- on a table, since my long lost existential breakdowns in college!  We all need mental exercise by way of hearty conversations, I guess.  If time would only permit it, I wouldn’t mind going to parties for this sort of thing.

The host used to be an avid skate- boarder. These were his boards from back then.
I think this piece is called the “Bird Lamp”, or something to that effect.

Tomorrow’s another mad working day, I suppose.  So here’s “…wishing us all good mental health!”Designer furniture strategically strewn about, jazz music inside the kitchen, and two bottles of red wine.  Frasier Crane on a Saturday, so it would seem.

Good taste requires one to get an Eames chair. Marking great form since 1956!
A guy’s world = less clothes. Nifty closet space, nonetheless!



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