keeping happiness

Dearest Marielle,

If you may have gathered, life has been a whirlwind these past few weeks months.  A number of lovely things have happened between my last letter and this one right here, but it’s been getting harder and harder to keep track of them because of the insane pace.

I love how you’ve finally felt that quiet stirring in your heart that’s compelled you to venture out on your own.

I’ve always believed that everyone has been given the gift of adventure since birth.

Only, few people actually acknowledge its urgency in mortality.  And even fewer realize them early on in life, like you have.  You’re very lucky.

It may be hard, looking for the Whatever that isn’t there yet (I’m 28 and I don’t even know what my Whatever is myself).  But I’m sure you’ll eventually get more than what you ever expected to begin with.

My surprise 28th birthday (moon) cake from my colleagues at work, two months ago. A testament of “good people”, wherever adventures take you.

These past few weeks, Ive missed writing because I’ve come to realize the truth in what they say about keeping happiness

“In order to truly keep happiness, one must share them with others”.

Thank you for  reminding me.



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3 thoughts on “keeping happiness”

  1. dearest karla.

    i hope everything is doing well. i feel like we are browsing same pages of the book these days. keep up the faith.

    love always,

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