Dearest ______,

Before practice earlier today, my two band mates and I finally managed to meet for brunch, like we’ve always planned but never got to doing… until now.



Brunch was at a corner shop a mere block away from their apartment around Little India. The place was this French- themed bistro / Japanese cafe and curiosity shop called L’etoile. They knew I would love this kind of place, and that I just did.



The way it quietly sits in the middle of this often deserted residential area is genius. It’s one of those secrets you would like to keep to yourself for when you find yourself in want of a quick getaway from the occasional je ne sais quoi.



The two- floor establishment had no end of interesting details that keep naturally curious people such as ourselves occupied the whole while we were there. Picture frames, craft work on walls, murals, books, magazines, handmade things for sale, French folk/ waltz/ jazz music in the background. It was rather timely though, because my two friends are bound for Europe later this month.

Ah, we all dream of lives serenely spent in cafes with cigarettes, coffee, conversations.



The way we always are together, there was no end to the most random and hilarious conversations. Over Eggs Benedict and coffees, some things just have to be said:-

– why we would love to have pets

– why we cannot have pets

– why some owners end up looking like their own pets




The practice that followed was equally inspiring and encouraging. An altogether beautiful day.

And we do need days like this.

Because ours are souls that insatiably crave for the experience, creation, and discovery of beauty. Be it a surprising re- arrangement of an old song, an inconspicuous embroidered couch, or a corner cafe in the middle of almost nowhere.







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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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