vegetarian kitchen: thai *bleep* salad

Dearest ______,

A few weeks ago, we met up with our college friends Recy, Yu, and Mars at the latter’s swanky apartment in the East: dinner, drinks, and amazing company.

Aside from my recent yearning to own a dog (Mars keeps a furry Chow Chow and a spoiled Shih Tzu), one thing I couldn’t shake off from that visit was this awesome Thai Beef Salad her sister whipped up for us. I didn’t take the beef- just the leafy things, of course.

I’d decided weeks ago that if I couldn’t very well handle some pets, then maybe making salad would be the easier project.


Judging from what I saw on their table that night (and a few pictures on the internet, haha), these were the ingredients for my Thai *bleep* Salad:

– Onion

– Garlic

– Tomatoes

– Salt & Pepper

– Cucumber

– Mixed greens (a variant of lettuces, wild rocket for the most part)

– Coriander (a staple in Thai cooking, I notice)

– Peanuts (another Thai staple)

– Garlic flavoured wrap / flat bread



Not pictured was the awesome Thai- style dipping sauce / salad dressing I made! For that, I mixed:

– light soy sauce

– crushed peanuts

– Balsamic vinegar (from a sachet, there is no shame)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, finely chopped

– a bit of Pepper

– a bit of Sugar

I didn’t know these things could make you cry so much.
For the carnivorous male, he simmered beef strips in its stock. You can do this too, if you’re not a vegetarian (Yes- those are tomatoes on the photo, not beef)!


How was dinner? Heaven in a wrap, I tell you!

We loved this meal so much, we’re packing lunch for work tomorrow. Oh yeah.



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