vegetarian kitchen: stir-fried bitter gourd and eggs

Dearest ______,

In my continued efforts of becoming more domesticated and less afraid of my own kitchen, I’ve been scouring the Internet for more vegetarian recipes that I can slowly try to prepare.

Then I thought, why not make tried- and- tested Asian (in this case, Filipino) dishes and tailor fit them for a goat vegetarian?


This is one of the first “alterations” I’ve done: Stir-fried Bittergourd and Eggs. This is usually paired with steaming white rice and is usually cooked with beef or some other form of protein. My take bares this simple dish down even more to its most minimal, using only:

– Bitter gourd (that’s Ampalaya where I come from)
– Eggs
– Onion
– Garlic
– Salt-N-Pepa


Someone once told me (I forget who) that for the bitter gourd to lose some of its bitterness, “you have to soak it in water and a little salt overnight”. I soaked mine for less than 30 minutes and they turned out just fine. 24-hour myth busted!


In went onions and garlic in a hot pat with vegetable oil first. Next, I removed all the water from my bitter gourd spa and put all the vegetable into the pan. I kept moving stuff around so nothing would stick to the bottom of the metal. Also, mixing a hissing pan makes you look like a pro.


When I saw that the bitter gourd had evidently been cooked (less green at that point- softer and a bit shriveled), I put in the beaten eggs and continued to mix them all until they looked nice enough to eat.


I never said it, but I was randomly throwing salt and pepper in, all throughout the process.

Because, you know, my cooking is more intuitive than precise. Haha.



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4 thoughts on “vegetarian kitchen: stir-fried bitter gourd and eggs”

  1. Karla put some tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh thyme next time šŸ™‚ those three secret things make it perfectly yummy

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