long weekend (the ideal and the real)

Dearest ______,

The Ideal: It’s the long weekend and you have this promising list of things to do (it’s a lot of free time, you know!): wake up early, go out for a jog or a walk,  take nice outdoor photos again, discover new spots in the city, see art, watch a band, read that book, etc.

The Real: It’s halfway into the long weekend and you have not done any of the things in your elaborate “Productive Weekend” list. You’ve stayed indoors for the past two days (oh yes– the first day you cooked and entertained friends at home, which was very nice). But on the second day, you’ve remained unbathed at 8:30PM… you’ve just watched TV series after series after series in your pajamas, inside your room.



The Ideal: Adventure calls you from outside your window!  It suggets you have breakfast while the sun is still up!  It invites you to jog with the Moon at your back!

The Real: Adventure Time Series 1 to 3 from your friend Angel’s hard disk has incessantly been playing and playing and playing on the computer monitor all day!




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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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