dream job : a flower farmer

Dearest ______,

We wanted to surprise two colleagues from work who were celebrating their birthdays at the same time, so it was a brilliant excuse to finally head down the line of flower farms right across the office.

As soon as I entered the biggest refrigerator on Earth and saw rows upon rows upon rows of fresh flowers and their many sidekicks, I thought I’d died and gone to Florist Heaven.

Allow me to show you a pittance of the lushness that I saw:

Like these Carnations, for one…

Baby’s Breath happens to be one of my favorite flowers (aside from white Orchids).

Baby’s Breath also happens to be my birth month’s official flower!

Hypothesis: Capsicum + tomato = this.
One of my favorite florists in town, Floral Magic, has done amazing things with this mutated specie of a plant.

These fur balls would look really nice with stark white table setting.

This little guy reminds me of a fruit!

They had a lot of exotic- looking species I’d never even seen in my life, including these artichoke- like flowers above.

Winter floral bouquets look very exotic to me because where I’m from, Winter has not been coming…

My mother used to buy a bunch of these leaves. Their minty smells always take me back to my parents’ old house where we had them in tall vases for days on.

They say yellow roses mean “Jealousy”. That’s utter bollocks, because why would anyone want to say “I’m really jealous of you!” through flowers?

Twiggy! I find that combining twigs with ultra feminine floral breeds make very artistic statement bouquets.

More colors of roses. There were more expensive kinds in another section, but their heads were wrapped in plastic nets.
Cheap roses win, obviously!

These were sitting beside the heaps of Baby’s Breath. They’re called Golden- something. They’re very versatile because they go great with either contrasting- colored flowers or those with the same hue (if you’re going for the monochromatic look).

We spotted a few Blue Roses at one corner and decided to get those straight away because the birthday celebrants’ favorite color is blue…

… and also because the cute mini- pineapples reminded us too much of Chinese New Year, haha!



When I grow up, I want to become a flower farmer.
Or a florist, if that’s more feasible.



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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