little thailand

Dearest ______,

If you’ve ever been to Singapore, you would know how immensely diverse the culture is around here. It’s such a melting pot of different colors not unlike what you’d typically find inside a scalding cauldron of steamboat soup (red meat, crustaceans, vegetables, etc).


I’ve lived here for quite some time now and have always heard of one place people call “Little Thailand”- the Golden Mile Complex at the Kallang/ Lavender area.


I’ve always wanted to check that place out because I seriously think Thai people are next to the Japanese in terms of the Asian Coolness Index. These statistics do not actually exist outside my slightly stunted mind, but yes: I think Thailand is “up there” when it comes to creativity and an innate sense of cool.


It took one birthday dinner planned by my colleague (who’s a legitimate Thai- fanatic) for me to actually, finally, step into the elusive Golden Mile.


It was like being in Bangkok… that is, Bangkok without the huge Buddhist Wats or the amazing shopping labyrinths of Chatuchak and Pratunam

When I put it that way, it doesn’t sound like much now… But wait-
There are actually authentic Thai restaurants and stalls serving Thai cuisine and delicacies. Because if you’ve had it before, you’ll know that local food is just as good a reason to visit Thailand.


Because Thai food is really, really good.


While I am Vegetarian, I don’t really mind people who don’t eat the same way I do. Majority of the people I know still eat a lot of meat and seafood and I am not the kind to stop them from doing so…


Because when I eat out with non- vegetarians, they end up giving me all the lovely vegetables.
And that’s never a bad thing!




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