a bouquet of tulips

Dearest ______,

If I made a coffee table book compiling my recent forays into floristry, it would probably look like this:


I went back to one of the flower markets across the office for my friend Angel’s birthday. I wanted to gift her a bouquet of flowers (an excuse to dabble) and asked her hubby what her favorite was.

He said, “Tulips!”



I checked online for ideas on arrangement and cost. The meh tulip bouquets I found in different sites cost around 100 to 120 dollars. Crazy.

Doing it myself, I spent 1/5 of the professionals’ fee and even took away a quiet sense of pride one gets when doing something using sheer instinct and a happy pair of hands.


After deciding on a bunch of plain white tulips (I knew that my friend liked bold colors- her wedding motif was red, black, and white), I immediately went around looking for elements with more texture.

I’m not much of a tulip fan, honestly. I find them rather clinical and stiff. For my friend’s bouquet, I felt that adding different species would lend romance to an otherwise asexual- looking plant.

The red dots looked kind of fun, but they were a little too playful/ experimental for my friend’s taste.

I actually didn’t mind the minty evergreen leaves with the tulips, but felt that it belonged more to a gallery opening/ cocktail lounge with tea candles and white wine…

Same with the tiny balls that looked too modern.

Nothing reeks of romance more than roses. I’ve actually seen arrangements online that combine tulips with these in different shades. In real life, I didn’t like how they looked too similar though. I wanted the tulips to pop, obviously.

The baby’s breath and tulips looked very dainty together. But they reminded me too much of a wedding bouquet. It must be the whole “unbearable whiteness of being”.

I finally decided on getting a bunch of random winter- looking flowers. Somehow I kept coming back to them because they had just the right amount of character and chic.

I kind of fell in love with the outcome. It looked organic enough for my taste (although God knows how much effort it takes to look effortless, haha).


I hope my friend liked it as much though. Apparently, her favorite blooms are White Lilies! Haha!

The funniest thing is, I’ve always, always, pegged her for a white lily kind of girl. Way to go, instinct!




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3 thoughts on “a bouquet of tulips”

  1. hahaha! i did like the bouquet and love the fact that it brings (it’s still thriving in our tiny vase) an organic spirit into our otherwise hotel-like studio apartment. 😛

    ❤ the effort and the arrangement. 🙂

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