turning tables

Dearest ______,

With huge excitement surrounding technology’s latest creations such as the Google Glass or the Oculus Rift or Samsung’s android phones the Mars Curiosity Rover, it’s such a tickle how the oldest gadgets can also garner as much buzz these days.


Case in point: the return of turntables. Yes, your parents’ “record player”. Yes, your grand parents’ “gramophone”.



These past few years have seen the resurrection of vinyl sales at different spots in any given city around the world: some friends bought a couple from a flea market in Paris, I saw a few at the vintage shops in London (where Jawo got an old Lee “Scratch” Perry record from the 1960’s). Just last month, my visiting friend Cos asked where he could get Deftones’ White Pony album in vinyl from here in Singapore.


Last week, at Bea’s very musical surprise birthday party (which I have yet to tell you about, by the way), she was gifted with a turntable where she can finally play her Velvet Underground records!


Then last night, I accompanied Angel to purchase her hubby’s very own Pro-Ject turntable from the House of Turntables. The very kind (and informative) crew over there set her up with 3 free records as well.

If you truly love your music and you have spare cash lying around (Pro-Ject turntables sell from at least 800 to 2000 dollars, woohoo), this could be a good buy.


Before venturing into this highly addictive hobby though, make sure to do a lot of research (there are lots of cheaper or more expensive brands out there, depending on what you’re generally looking for).

It’s old technology, but in this new world of touch screen and automatic gizmos, record players have literally turned the tables around and made the old school seem utterly new again.



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