Dearest ______,

If you’re like me, you might also cringe at seeing yourself on video or hearing that foreign- sounding thing that’s actually your speaking voice when it’s recorded.

That’s how I really sound?” Shudder.


These sentiments also apply to when you record my drum- playing.

It’s kind of excruciating when these drum tracks are replayed to me because I hear even the slightest nuisance of a faulty buzz roll or the hesitation of a weak bass kick.



I spent four hours at a recording studio last Saturday evening with Narcloudia and the extremely patient guys of LiveAmp to lay drum and bass tracks for one of the songs off our first EP.


It’s pretty exciting coming out with a passion project such as this little “indie” record. More so if you’ve heard the amazing genius that is Bea’s beautiful song- writing.

At this early stage of the process though, the metronome is just a pain in the boombooms for a haphazard I’m-all-about-the-feels drummer like myself.


If you’re used to doing things organically, a ticking robot (saying “now, now, now…”) in your ear can literally bring you nightmares.
Literally, I tell you.

Since that first recording session though, I’ve had greater respect for all the other musicians that I listen to.


Playing Anti- Flag the other day, I kept thinking:

“How does this punk- ass drummer do all those attacks with a bloody metronome?”

Knowing how difficult recording is for me… awesome records are really quite awesome now that I think about it.




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