white roses and some pink

Dearest ______,

One of my favourite people in the world just had a birthday last week and a bouquet of her favourite blooms was in order.

I’d already asked her a while back what flowers she liked best and remembered her saying they were white roses. I intend to keep some form of journal to keep track of what flowers people like. Just so.

Remember when you were younger and it seemed the most crucial thing to know what your friends’ favourite colors were? Just so.

Without taking it too literally, I wanted to put some pink with her white roses. Pink being one of the colors she really likes.

Carnations and roses look great together, especially when they’re of the same color. But in pairing my friend’s white roses with white carnations, her birthday flowers would’ve ended up looking like a bride’s bouquet.


After a quick scan of the nursery, I chose a bunch of textured fillers which included sprigs of fuchsia flowers among different shapes and shades of green and white. Modern but still quite feminine.

Coincidentally, the colors on the bouquet matched the birthday girl’s shirt!

4 copy

The best part of the evening though, was when the celebrant surprised a bunch of fools who were supposed to do the surprising over dinner. Standing outside the restaurant and discussing ways to approach her table unnoticed, she sneaked behind us and sang herself the happy birthday song.

So much laughter and flowers and Japanese food. Great birthday.



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