doll of the day: aliyah

Dearest ______,

You know you’re getting older when you see your younger cousins fast approaching their 20’s. Gifts involving Barbie dolls and fairy- related merchandise have gone passé because they seem to have morphed into stylishly confident young women over night.
And your 30- year old heart quietly goes:
“Damn. I wish I was that cool when I was 17.”


Today’s Doll comes in the creatively wrapped- up form of my Muslimah cousin, Reham Aliyah. If there is one sublimely, effortlessly cool way of showing how modesty trumps all this skin- baring on the Internet today, this kid our Doll of the Day might just show us how:


Karlita: Personally, what does it mean to be a Muslimah?

Aliyah: As a Muslimah who’s been raised in a Christian community, I can say that it’s not just about avoiding temptations around, covering your hair with a hijab (head scarf) and not showing aurat (a woman’s figure/ delicate parts). Being a Muslimah is also about how you live your life according to what is written in the Qur’an (because Islam also teaches peace, personal freedom, tolerance, charity, etc)… and of course dedicating your worship to Allah (God).


K: I’ve repeatedly told you how lovely I think you dress yourself, (yihee) in terms of general Muslimah dressing / street style though, has it evolved through the years at all?

A: Since we are living in a modern world, I can totally compare how clothes are made for Muslimahs now, with my Mum’s 1980’s fashions. Hahaha. Before though, they weren’t very strict about teenage girls who didn’t wear hijab when they went out.


K: That’s quite surprising, because you’d think that they would have been stricter in the past.

A: Now, my generation is more aware. To gain respect from others, we know that we should also give ourselves respect.


A: Also, Muslimahs nowadays can easily learn how to wear the hijab (and look good in it too) in many different and stylish ways. Because we can just find millions of hijab tutorials online. And as I can see, more and more Muslimahs have already found their style “identities”. These styles keep evolving, but in a good way.


K: Speaking of style “identities”, whose do you look up to?

A: Hana Tajima and Yuna Zarai!

K: I thought so, haha!


K: What are the five things you cannot leave home without?

Hair tie
Makeup pouch


K: Where do you see Muslimah fashion going in the future?

A: I’m hoping to see more of it on magazines or even in fashion shows!


With a smart, confident, and passionate batch of- let me just say it once– kids such as our Doll today, I’m pretty sure anything is as possible and beautiful as the sun and the moon sharing one big sky.


Aliyah chronicles bits and pieces of her personal evolutions on her cool Tumblr site right here.



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