the kids are alright

Dearest ______,

It’s no secret that I like hanging out with kids people who are younger than myself (Ages -5 to -25).




Whoever coined the saying “Youth is wasted on the young!” must have been an old fart with a lot of regrets.

Because the young are having the time of their lives! …until, of course, they turn into old farts with a lot of regrets themselves. Harhar.


While I do enjoy looking back on quaint little things as older people are wont to (“Remember the large floppy disks of the 90’s?”), I still like hearing prospects of the unknown; the exciting buzz of young dreams and life assumptions yet to be realized or yet to be refuted (“Who knows?”).

A couple of weekends ago, I went to a barbecue with a few of the young(er) colleagues from work.




If you wish to remain young at heart, you have to learn with the young.


1) Ask them their plans and marvel at how they are now as brave and audacious as you once were.

2) Ask them what they think about things and quietly slip in advice like a wizened old owl.

3) Don’t dress like you still have your 18- year old body, wear your wisdom on your sleeve.

4) Value their opinion because purer minds see things with less the complications.


5) Be yourself, because they will almost never judge you for liking Selena Gomez and all the tween- oriented shows on Disney Channel… despite your embarrassing age. If they do judge you, it probably is true.

6) Laugh with (and laugh like) a bunch of kids- sometimes senseless and often ceaseless.


P1300165 copy




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