temple run, the making

Dearest ______,

It’s been almost two weeks since we got back from our weekend of Temple Run around the Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand and I’d only just gotten the time to see the pictures late last night, after working on a Sunday.


It all began one 9:30 weekday evening, while Sheena and I were still working in the office.

“Don’t you just wish you were somewhere else right now?”
“Yes, I actually do.”
“I’m tired.”
“Me too.”
“What about next weekend?”


We contacted one of our Thai friends in Bangkok named Tai, who was only too willing and excited to join us on our little road trip outside the city.


We planned on going to as much temples as we could around Kanchanaburi. Not to convert into Buddhism (although Tai was almost convinced), but to chase a certain stillness that which produces echoes in your ear and goosebumps behind your neck.


The usual dilemma now is to be as still as some of those 200- year old temples and have enough time to appreciate everything that happens or whizzes by. Varying landscapes of mountains, farmland, lakes… life.

I might only get to do that after yet another hectic work week.



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