temple run: temple one

Dearest ______,


I’m not a very religious person, but I do believe in prayer:

There is something genuinely noble and humble about accepting that there is Someone- something– infinitely more profound than your own existence.



A couple of months ago, I went to Thailand for the third time in my life to kind of pray. Kind of, because I’m not really Buddhist (which most of the country’s temples and faithful are).

In the company of a Thai Buddhist and an Indian Hindu though, I looked for huge quiet spaces where one could think and thank in peace.



With its urban bustle, Bangkok was surely out of the question. So we drove out for a couple of hours, away from the city and into the Kanchanaburi Province.



Before hitting the highway, we stopped by a relatively tourist- free temple at midday, where one could see devout Buddhists kneeling down in prayer and meditation.



I sensed steady devotion amid the equally relentless dry heat coming from clay- tiled floors below bare feet and the looming sun above lengthy open- to- sky courtyards.

I saw intricate details highly characteristic of Thai Buddhist temple architecture: multi- tiered gable roofs, ornamental elements portraying the Garuda and other godly forms, Buddha statues in gold, and of course the revered lotus flowers, etc.



We may not be as enlightened as most of the people from that first temple visit, but we surely had lots to be thankful for, after seeing extensive and ornate beauty in just one place- temple (number) one of three more- within that weekend’s meaningful temple run.




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