temple run: temple too

Dearest ______,

After visiting the tigers in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi Province, we drove off to yet another temple within 5-8 kilometers of the vicinity.

This time, we had to walk down a winding railroad track (still operational) with a mountain’s face to its left and a ravine looking down at the River Kwai to the right.  For the perilous hike, we needed balance and a quick eye to avoid steel bolts, dogs, holes, and basically, falling to our unceremonious deaths.


There was supposed to be an opening to the left (on the mountain’s face), which would give way to a cave.

The Temple inside that cave was marked by a small statue of Buddha sitting on top of a rock.


Facing this tiny token of welcome, I thought: “Oh, how cute this altar is.”

I only got to feel that nonchalant outside though, before I actually saw how imposing the main shrine inside the cave was.



Like most caves, it was almost pitch dark as we entered, save for bright electric bulbs around the shrine and candles near statues’ feet.

All that gold on Buddha made for an odd light reflector- it made everything seem like amber.


It was pure silence in there, even after a couple of people came inside to pray.

The air felt dank and cool, despite there being no gust of wind inside the cave.


Bats and other smelly critters (had there been any at all during that time of the day) were disguised by the strong musky smell of flowers and incense left there as offerings.


Of no personal doing or photo filters of mine, while I was sitting on one of the cold benches inside, I looked out of the cave’s mouth and saw this curious blue- green light suspended in the air.


So eerie and arrestingly beautiful.

Transfixed, I could only stare.




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