camps bay houses

Dearest ______,

You often ask me how I can afford to write you letters when I always seem at my wit’s end with the day job’s never- ending deadlines.
Simple: 45- minute daily commute (where I happen to be writing this to you right now).


Camps Bay can be found at the western fringes of the Mother City (a.k.a. Cape Town). It’s a luxurious area that dots the curvy shorelines of Cape Town’s western beaches with beautifully made houses, hotels, restaurants, and bars all designed to face stunning views of limitless sea and sky.

Google Maps

Behind this arrangement of houses and infinity swimming pools, you see the 12 Apostles (similar- looking mountain ranges tailing the city’s beloved Table Mountain).

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the different faces of Cape Town in South Africa. And to start a day that’s going to revolve around housing design and construction, I might as well show you something along this line.

These are some of the beautiful houses at Camps Bay (where the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham have frequently summered, so I’ve been told):






Even at 5:00PM on a Monday evening, you already see the beaches and parks along the break water filling up with people playing with dogs, their families and friends, or just hanging out. On a Monday. A weekday!


Driving along the coast, it really made me think:
“Wow, real people actually live this way. How great would it be to wake up to these views? How great would it be to live with a little less stress and a little more time in the sun?”

And now I’m at work. Until the next daydream, then.




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