royale eatery

Dearest ______,

Let me just put it out there:
Cape Town is majorly Hipster City. The locals know this too, as evidenced by the countless cracks made about Moleskin- toting, cafe- sitting ironic kids at the stand- up comedy show we caught there the other Sunday.



If hipster should mean great “gourmet” food and “artisanal” drinks, or an all- around awareness and appreciation for cleverly good design, then I really don’t mind.

What’s more, I think hipster Cape Town is very cool indeed .


We stayed at Long Street, one of the edgier parts of Cape Town.

Reading on the city’s coolitude long before going there, I’d already found out where some of the best food, drinks, and people- watching can be had. Luckily, a few meters away from our hotel was one such gem.


The Cafe Royale Eatery is undoubtedly my favorite spot within the City.




From brunch time until supper, you’ll find the place packed with people in animated conversations and great hair cuts!



The food is consistently divine and the cool chicks who work there are the kinds you’d like to be friends with. And it’s not just because they sometimes give away amazing milkshakes or stickers for free. Yay!




I liked that place so much, my heart currently pines for somewhere as royally amazing as the Royale in this side of the planet.





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