DIY pancakes

Dearest ______,

The concept of paying for DIY- anything is probably baffling to our grand parents’ or great grand parents’ set. If I were to put a grumpy grandpa’s hat on, I would lament:

“Why would you go all the way out, pay good money… only to cook your own food?”



And yet here we are, a bored generation that’s become fixated with the discovery and creation of more and more “experiential” ways of doing things. In design, in shopping, and now- in dining.


Last week we had dinner out for one of the exiting girls at work. She, a 21- year old who’s very much a part of this DIY- generation, was the perfect reason to go to one such place in Bukit Timah.




Nook is the first ever do- it- yourself pancake place in Singapore. They offer other ala- carte items on the menu, but making your own pancakes on the spot definitely takes the…er… cake.




Most of us were famished when we got to the restaurant, that everybody pretty much had her grumpy grandpa hat on:

“I just want normal food.”
“Let’s just let Jessie order her pancake
batter and play with it herself.”
“I’m too tired and hungry to make my own food, please.”




Aside from individual dinners from the ala- carte menus (which were surprisingly very tasty!), we got two bottles of pancake batter for Jessie to play with. One in Pandan flavor, the other in Red Velvet.


At the end of the night, we were all having such a blast, trying to create shapes and characters on the hot pan.

It was a lot of fun. Now I take my grumpy grandpa hat off to the DIY pancake experience.



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