a christmassy bouquet

Dearest ______,

As you may gather from my past letters to you, I truly believe that anything is better with flowers around. On Christmas Eve the other day, I decided to go down the flower markets along Thompson Road again to get something nice for our humble Christmas dinner table at home.


Pale- looking pots of Poinsettia didn’t exactly spell “jolly ol’ time of the year” for me, when I initially planned on getting one or two of those. I scrapped the idea and decided on doing one of my random bouquet arrangements instead.

The minute I walk through rows upon rows of freshly- cut flowers inside those freezing container rooms, I always feel utterly relaxed. It might be the heart rate dropping with the cold, or, it could simply be the sight of these babies:




I was looking for something that felt Christmassy enough, but was still a bit subdued to match the apartment’s very spartan furnishings.




I ended up buying these bunches of red tiny balls and some relative of the pine tree that also had yellow-green balls on them. I then decided to add a simpler base to hold those together, getting some leaves of the greenest hue.




Now the dining table really smells like winter pine. And Christmas.

The happiest of Christmases, wherever you are.



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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