5 signs you’re in a good place

Dearest ______,

I don’t claim to have travelled to as much parts of the world as other people may have, but I do claim this much:  Everywhere I’ve gone to has been pretty damn good.  And I’m immensely grateful to the forces in the universe that will these things to happen.   From these trips, I’ve more or less managed to name a few signs that ultimately make me a happy little traveller.


Of course, we all have our own quirks and individual things of interest, so whatever rocks my boat might not necessarily sway yours.

Here are 5 signs you’re in a good place:

1) When there is a thin layer of grit and texture hovering around the air, keeping you always on your tippy toes; giving you dynamic contrasts in every street corner and turn.

Grit in a collection of street posters such as these.
Texture in bare- faced external building walls like this.

2) When shop front signages tell you more than just names.

Doesn’t this just make your day? It’s like meeting a stranger on the street who readily wishes you a good one.
This one tells you that people actually eat outside. Probably in the sun, with a view of a pocket garden, or a glimpse of the blue sky.
And I guess this one just invites you to be nice.

3) When buildings are beautiful, well- taken care of, and well- thought of.

An interesting mix of old and new always does the trick. Visual contrast, as much as the classical sense of proportion, is stunning to the eye.
An intricate architectural feature or detail like this column here is also a treat.
Same goes for this filigree on a steel beam along an arcade or a sidewalk. It’s made even better of course, by these hanging plants.

4) When lovely small details surprise.

Like this painted graffiti on a glass panel on top of some front door.
Or like these pots of flowers on a bicycle steel sculpture.

5) When a heavily tattooed black guy coolly skates past you at 8:00 in the morning.

So much coolness in this picture, don’t you think?



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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