future in furniture

Dearest ______,

After living in my apartment for around four years now and going to this nearby mall more times than that, it was only recently when I discovered one particular shop’s mezzanine floor housing reasonably- priced alternatives to (and “inspired” by) pricier designer furniture.


The prices were very tempting, but the simple fact of currently not owning any actual piece of real estate within this part of the world immediately stopped me from actual procurement. “How ever shall we lug these pieces every time we have to move?”

It did not, however, stop other simpler fancies:

“When we have our own place in the future, what pieces of furniture should we buy?”


So I asked friends. I asked people who’ve spent years practicing the art and science of “good design”:

“What piece of furniture, in your opinion, should one invest on at home? And why?”


The answers I received were as varied as they were amazingly insightful.

More than just a superficial look into how people prefer their aesthetics or how they perceive beauty, personal design philosophies (or simply your choice of things that surround you in a space as sacred and intimate as your own home) are also quite telling of who people are and what they currently deem important in their (daily) lives.


“A lounge chair. I think it’s more a personal opinion though, because I read and I like the chair to define a space that I can read in, or just drink tea and write or draw in.”
– S

“A bed / a good mattress. As a rule in el-cheapo ness, there are some things that you shouldn’t scrimp on. Spend a little extra on things that separate you from the ground: shoes, car tires, and beds/mattresses. Not to mention the fact that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping (fact check please)!”
– Jawo


TableSa mesa nagaganap ang lahat ng bagay sa kasaysayan ng tao…hapag kainan, pag-aaral, patungan ng papel kung saan pinirmahan ang konstitusyon or transaksyon ni Napoles, o kaya’y patungan ng Bibleya’t ostcha habang nagaganap ang misa, minsan simbolo ito ng estado ng isang tao, basta… ” (“Table… Where every meaningful event in the history of man has happened… Eating, studying, where Constitutions were signed, etc etc…” Hahaha)
– Dino


Bed. You spend the most hours using it than any other furniture (unless that person doesn’t sleep much)!”
– Jason

“A sofabed! The ideal piece of furniture for convenience and space saving!”
– Jessie


“A teak wood (Balinese) centre coffee table… Because I feel that any other furniture will get ruined in due time, with rough usage, etc… But coffee tables tend to have a longer life, and its beauty increases as it gets rustic…”
– Sheena


“I’m not sure if it’s a piece of furniture, but personally, I think an upright piano is something worth it’s price, because it will easily outlast a thousand dollar entertainment system. It also serves as a timeless social anchor (i.e. it makes people engage musically, people can sing along with it, people can have a chat while someone plays, etc.). It can be a decorative piece of art at the same time that it’s functional. I plan to get one someday.”
– Tads

What a great exchange- indirectly talking about status quo and the future; ideals really, by way of furniture.

I should ask questions more often.



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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