the weekend in numbers

Dearest ______,

Last weekend was busier than usual, even after discounting time spent going back to the office to finish some work. To validate what I deem to be an uncommon amount of action for my commonly lazy days off, I’d like to appraise said events in numbers. You know, because people seem to take their Maths more seriously and such.

2 – number of hours we spent in a meeting regarding some exciting prospects for our little band, Narcloudia
3 – amount of beers and ramen consumed over said lunch meeting

3 – times le bassiste excused herself from said meeting to smoke outside, haha

2 – books I purchased from a floating bookstore (which did not have much stock; only, saying “floating bookstore” makes me all giddy inside)

5000 – titles onboard the Logos Hope. Not much that struck my fancy though, most of them being religious or self- help books. But still, saying “floating bookstore”? Priceless.

10 – minutes we spent deciding what to have from Jamie Oliver’s restaurant for snack time (?); high tea (?); pre- dinner(?)

2 – times we asked some of the servers:

“Say, when is Jamie Oliver coming?”

1 – Bellini consumed by yours truly
1 – Mojito consumed by Bixie

1 – teeny weeny crab pasta, which was a little too salty for my companions’ tastes
1 – beef burger, which reminded them of New Zealand

2 – times servers have told us:

“We don’t know when Jamie Oliver is coming! But he should be coming soon!”

Of course this could very well be a tireless lie they always have to say, seeing that Jamie doesn’t really own the place. This particular restaurant is in fact only a franchise owned by the same people from Hard Rock Cafe Singapore. So I’ve been told.

6 – kinds of bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar

1 – pretty good day


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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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