i scream

… for ice cream.

Dearest ______,

We had one of those spontaneous “Let’s get off this bus and eat something good!” kind of things last night.


After a very satisfying dinner at Longhouse (a popular hawker centre/ food court along Upper Thomson Road), we walked a couple of blocks along the same road to get to the stretch of shophouses that had charming cafes and ice cream shops for dessert.


We were supposed to go to Udders where they serve really good Sea Salt and Caramel ice cream. But owing to heavy stomachs at 8:30 PM, we ended up stopping 3/4 of the way there (one pedestrian crossing away from the store, actually) and acquainted ourselves with another shop called Neli’s Ice Cream.


It’s tricky going with “themes” for something that’s already a specialty venture such as an ice cream shop. Whatever concept your business is going for (i.e. aviation- themed diner, 1960’s Mod lounge, artsy museum- like cafe, etc) you have to do it just right that it doesn’t come off as tacky.


Neli’s is all about “travel”, starting with the shop’s wall colors that remind you of hours spent looking out of an airplane window, then pictures of global landmarks on tables, and even a menu board that looks like flight schedule boards at the airport.


They could’ve pushed it more by naming their flavors using names of countries or making puns with different languages, or had more fun with furniture outside the usual IKEA line, etc.
Although taking an average business man’s construction budget into consideration, the decor wasn’t that bad already. It was tastefully done, which is what’s important anyway.


The ice cream itself was okay. Nothing spectacular or mind- blowing; Jawo swears by The Creamery at Katong, while I love Creamier at Toa Payoh. Just simple, home- made ice cream at Neli’s for people who happen to be around that area on a hot day.

Butterscotch ice cream = 2/5
Mocha ice cream = 2.5/5


Neli’s Ice Cream is at 233 Upper Thomson Road. They close shop quite late (11:00 PM or 1:00 AM), which is great for those who want to satiate their sweet tooth late at night.


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