light afternoon cruise

Riding regular. Not so much in terms of “time”, but that is, riding left foot in front of the right.

Dearest ______,

It’s been way too long since I took faithful Darla (the good old Dervish) out for a spin.   By the state of our toys at home, it’s pretty evident nobody’s been paying them any attention anymore.    With the long break afforded to us by the Chinese New Year holiday, we decided to change the status quo.

Ratty shoes, remorseful deck.

Luckily, there’s a nearby park which has one of those Park Connectors that links it straight to yet another park.   Plenty of ground for playing.
It’s always beautiful, riding past trees.
The next park was about 2-3 kilometers away. Obviously, I am out of shape. Panting with my legs kind of tired, I had to sit down by the road somewhere.  It’s relaxing to just stare out unto the water though.
Neglected wheels and bearings.
Neglected trucks.
Lovely view at the next park.
Easy cruising does it.
Easy cruising does it.

I’d almost forgotten how amazing it feels to have the wind brush against my steadily moving body.

Or how for moments, it feels like I am all alone in seeing the world in uniquely passing colors and shapes.

2014 is said to be the Year of the Wooden Deck Horse. Let’s get on it then.


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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.


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