sugar and spice and –

Dearest ______,

There’s a slightly more rational voice inside my head that’s been telling me to post these photos on Facebook instead, given the amount of twee images or a bizarrely aching sweet tooth (if you are the overly emphatic type) this letter might leave you with .

However, there is also this ultra- girly girl inside that tells me to write you a letter about this, if only to keep pretty pictures lying around with the mail. You know, that pixie dust- believing, RomCom- watching, gushing-at-cute-babies side of every woman that allows her to appreciate a dainty spread for brunch or high tea.



I received one such girly invitation a couple of weeks ago, composed in mint green, lavender, and light pink.  It said: Let’s have a Tea Party!  It further mentioned that aside from tea, we would also be making our own cupcakes and such.

What was even more intriguing was that playing hostess was one of the  most sporty, no- fuss, un- girly types of girls I knew from College. If you knew these girls from my class, you’d know what I mean.  Ultra girly, they are not. Sugar and spice and everything— crazy?  “This is going to be interesting!”  I thought.


When I reached Mars’ (said hostess) fabulous condo in the East,  I was dumbfounded by the spread.  And I thought I knew how to prepare a party.

It was one of the loveliest- looking tables I’d seen in quite a while.   Did I mention the generous lady of the house is flying to Vegas really soon to get married?   Sugar and spice and everything crazy, indeed!

Colour coordination, care of an architect.
Tea time munchies all around, downed with Sangria and Moscato too. Haha!






You’d think someone soft spoken, who knits quirky socks during weekends came up with this spread!
Sangrias in pretty glass jars, chockfull with apples and oranges.


Our favourite big baby kept joining in on the fun. And no, we did not feed him any sweets.
Mars opening my gift. Coincidentally, this was a birthday party for her too. Happiness!
Some of the many, many cupcake toppings we used.
This was while we were making the fondant.



Let me just say: cupcake decorating is not as easy as it seems. We all agreed how hard it was to do!


It was a “Bring your own cup” thing too. So I brought the moustache out.


A collection of what we all did. Obviously, some of us were more competitive than others. Haha!
The Cupcake Crew.
Some of the cupcakes I came up with.

Sure enough, the laughter would not stop.  All that pink, or glitter, or even the elegance of filigree on cupcake holders did not stop the crazy from simply coming out!



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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