bonkers in a bunch

Dearest ______,

If you’ve met my friend Curtis, you’d know that she’s anything but neutral: running mouth, writer’s pen here and there; animating every single issue (or non- issue) there is online or in real life.

So much opinion, emotion, and undiluted frenzy in a pair of leather knee- high boots. That, she is!


For her birthday- which she has annoyingly tried to dub “Curtis Day”- we wanted to surprise her.

Partly to abate her increasing manias during this time of the year, but mainly just to show how much we ultimately appreciate her craziness.



Quite aptly, Statice in shades of purple (Violets are February’s official birth flower) and Gerberas in bright orange managed to look (almost) as wild as our resident wild child:

Curtis, hopelessly bonkers among our relatively sedate bunch of friends, bless her.


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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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