dr john h watson, MD. PuG. BFF

Dearest ______,

So it has happened.
In a span of merely a few days, I’ve somehow transformed into one of those mothers. You know, those who can’t stop talking about their babies; can’t stop thinking about them.


Over a very Animal Planet kind of weekend- when our friend Halfray gave us passes to the famous Singapore River Safari (an experience for another letter altogether), we also welcomed a 6- month old Pug into our home.


At the risk of my fast- growing body of puppy pictures annoying the hell out of my friends on Facebook (yes, I am one of those mothers now), I’ll simply write to you here instead. If you’re interested, I’ll tell you about the many ways this baby has changed us so far. At the rate it’s going, taking the pup home has been one of the most exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting things in our lives.


For now, Watson (who is not bothered by having a man’s name, for a girl) sends you her hyperactive, sweet, happy puppy love.



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