aminals, aminals evweewhere!

Dearest ______,

I don’t know what it is about zoos, amusement parks, musicals, etc. that brings you back to a nearly lost world of childhood awe and wonder. It’s amazing, really. One minute you’re going : “Hey we better hurry if we want to catch the free shuttle bus service!”

The next thing you know, you’re gushing:
“Aminals! Aminals evweewhere!”


Our friends Halfray and Panda treated us to the Singapore River Safari experience last Saturday. A morning of being kids again, it was!

If you’ve never been there yourself- SPOILER ALERT– here are some of the most curious creatures we saw while we were there:

There were fish that looked like its mommies had babies with a crocodile. These were called Ikan Buaya, which in Bahasa directly translates to “Fish Crocodile”.

There were real Buaya too though, big ones at that. And they had these masses on top of their snouts.

Huge fishes swam freely among sting rays and eels.

Snakes were there too, viewed with some quiet shuddering. They even housed a real Anaconda (not pictured) inside their “Amazon River” area.

We were quite amazed by how quick the river otters Carlos and Carmen moved. They swam and dove off the floating rafts like the most graceful athletes.

There were paper- thin fish (a relative of the eel) that swam upright and had these gorgeous flapping fins along its length, waving like a girl’s ball gown as they moved.

The surprising revelation was how gorgeous Piranhas were. Their scales were dotted with specks of gold.

Manatees were probably the highlight of the aquatic creatures. Gliding regally in one of the biggest aquariums I’ve ever seen, they were a sight to behold.

I was kind of fascinated by these fashionable- looking flowers. Neon on neon, haha!

And what’s a Kids’ Day Out without some fruity Popsicles, right?


Right before seeing River Safari’s biggest stars, we got a taste of their impending cuteness by way of some Red Pandas hanging around. At which point, we started pointing out how “Master Shifu” from the Kung Fu Panda movies is actually named redundantly. Sifu directly translates to “master- father, or teacher” in the Chinese language.

If there’s anyone more fixated about Pandas than, say, Pandas themselves, that would be our friend Maan. We’ve taken to calling her Panda sometimes because of this very reason. Imagine how excited she was at the prospect of seeing them for real-




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