Dearest ______,

I don’t know about you, but I kind of find it icky when people try to make a legitimate prefix out of the famous Apple product’s syllable. There’s even a luxury condominium in the works around here that’s called i.Live. Notwithstanding world- class designers doing this project, the development name alone warrants a 5 on the icky scale.


I thoroughly enjoyed almost everything about this year’s light-art exhibitions along the Marina Bay stretch last Friday. Above disclaimer being said, you’ll perhaps understand that 70% of the exception to that night’s enjoyment probably came from the festival’s name itself, which was most succinctly called i.Light. Hrmm.

Other than that minor thing, the lights themselves were really quite lovely. Here were my favorites:

Work from New Zealand that looked like an enchanted tree. The lights’ colors kept changing as it blinked on and off and on and off.

(Digital Wattle by Out of the Dark, New Zealand)

The 3D tic-tac-toe installation was pretty nifty. Its minimal lines made for surprisingly very interesting compositions, as we viewed them from different angles. Plus, it’s a working 4- player game!

(3D Tic-tac-toe by Angela Chong & Sonny Windstrup, Singapore)

The moving projections of Asian imagery on the lotus- shaped Art Science Museum’s facade were pretty mesmerizing.

(Celebration of Life by Justin Lee & Dorier Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore)

We went to the light festival in the first place because of this piece they called “Cloud”. I saw it online and was just obsessed with the idea of a bajillion recycled lightbulbs forming a floating, luminescent piece of the sky and hovering directly above your head. So close, so melancholic.

(Cloud by Caitlind RC Brown & Wayne Garrett, Canada).

My ultimate favorite would probably be the giant flowers made of recycled plastic water bottles and steel trunks. Surreal, just to be around this lighted garden of storybook proportions. Conducive to daydreaming at night.

There’s a story there, I’m sure.

(Giant Dandelion by Olivia D’ Aboville, Philippines/ France)


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