geraldine, the quaint

Dearest ______,

Whenever I hear the word quaint, I think of Victorian chintz, fine bone china with gold inlay, an English garden, Miss Marple’s home in St. Marymead, and now, the quiet little town of Geraldine in New Zealand’s southern isles.



On the way to Lake Tekapo for our friends’ wedding, we stopped after a couple of hours from Christchurch to get brunch at this highly- recommended place in Geraldine called Verde Cafe and Deli.


It was such a beautiful day- the sun was out despite the cool autumnal breeze- that everybody opted to literally eat out. That is, to eat outside.



We had big helpings of really good brunch fare (you can’t go wrong with English brekkie or Eggs Benedict, we think) and a bottle of sparkling Rose’.

We ate in the middle of the garden, right beside a white picket fence with rose bushes that crept on it, rising upwards to arched fence recesses.




We spent another hour just walking around the small township, where the shops and buildings rose up to not more than two or three floors. Shop fronts and lovely old doors told us stories in four little numbers: 1899, 1921, and so forth.

It’s amazing to see things endure.

It was at this point that we fatefully met Shigeru Ban’s chauffeur!


Before hitting the road again, I just had to stop at a pretty little gardening shop.


For my future gardening endeavors (hopefully in a garden of my own), I bought these beautiful gardening clogs.

For now, they’re just ‘everyday clogs’!




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