strange geographies

Dearest ______,

Strange geographies are:-

Where faces of mountains remind you of the swishing of an elaborate evening dress. Dots of plant life, a brocade of green and gold appliques.
Where eyes feast on jagged mounds of vanilla ice cream, every which way they hungrily look.
Where one gets a surreal feeling of having reached the ends of the earth.  One more step and you’re flung completely off the grid.
Where sheep, in their staggering numbers, simply don’t give a shit.
Where two girls most literally in the middle of nowhere, traverse one huge and barren field.

When you stare long enough, you realize how you’ve inevitably been drawn into a bigger picture.

Because somewhere in the cosmos, someone else is looking at you with the same sense of wonder, then unease, then realization that we are all part of one infinitely vast, infinitely strange science.

With this in mind, you will further understand how strangeness is only, in fact, relative.

Strange , no more.



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “strange geographies”

  1. Strangeness and relativity of it only happens when as a child we are made to believe different but told to develop our mind independently…as we grew up, we realize how great our parents and grands for letting us be ourselves…the universe may be far and wide but it is all there in our minds…-Tito Trox

      1. Keep safe Karla, may God continue to Bless all of us with good tidings…

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