dresser detox

Dearest ______,

In keeping with these clean times of “detox dieting”, “juice cleansing”, etc, I’ve decided to raid my own dresser over the weekend and detoxify it of accumulated things over the years, the dusty cupboard of unused mishmash that it is has been. The result: an oddly light feeling of fulfillment, almost Zen- like actually.


First that had to go were some perfume bottles that I’d kept from past gifts (as most perfumes are). I do get the romance and nostalgia one feels when looking at beautiful perfume bottles in a row. But-


As writer and New York Museum of Art & Design olfactory curator Chandler Burr once mentioned, perfumes do have expiration dates. And they “turn” (as the French put it) after a certain period of time, giving off a scent that is not quite how it should smell. Furthermore, expired perfume can cause issues to sensitive skin if they’re continuously used.

The average shelf life of perfumes are from 3 to 5 years time.


While disposing of any piece from our humble watch collection has never crossed my mind, I did have better sense to put them properly inside their glass boxes. It still surprises me how different everything else looks once they’ve been tucked away.


I have friends who literally have a closet full of accessories – necklaces, bibs, fascinators, clips, tea rings, bangles, etc.
Luckily, I’ve kind of outgrown wearing most of those things for years now. So I only take out and permanently put jewelry that I do regularly wear on top of the dresser table. Some pearls, a couple of stud earrings and my wedding bands.


Accessories (even a few from high school and college) that I cannot make myself to dispose, I put inside an organizing box. I also tucked this away, waiting for some fateful day that those babies might be used again.


Ah, make-up. Like accessories, I know a lot of women who have literally closets of make-up. I have a pretty small box. And I’d made it even smaller over the weekend, following this nifty little diagram from professional make- up line Bobby Brown, regarding the shelf lives of these curious beauty tools.


As with my jewelry, I only left the make up that I use regularly out on the dresser open shelves. Toner, moisturizer, BB/CC cream, concealer, and powder foundation. Eyeliner, of course.


I’m looking forward to detoxifying the wardrobe next.



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